Today’s Business is beyond the counter

Our Everywhere Commerce meets customers at every touchpoint

Sales aren’t just at the Counter POS anymore.

Our customers serve over a million guests each week with non-counter channels.

Mobile Ready-on-Arrival

With sophisticated geofencing and full knowledge of real-time orders in progress, our mobile app increases efficiency by matching finish time to guest arrival time based on real-time kitchen load. Keep guest satisfaction highest while not overloading your kitchen.

Online Ordering

To increase digital sales, your online store needs to be more than it is today.

You need the same integrated loyalty, rewards and advanced coupons as your instore experience in an ADA-compliant experience with responsive HTML that with optimal experiences on phones and desktops.

Live Order Tracker, and DoorDash integration.

Never struggle with coordinating menus or offers, because Touchpoint’s unified customer experience lets you manage centrally.

Online Mobile

Our online solutions with responsive HTML are optimized differently for phones, tablets and desktops so your guests can transact quickly and easily.

LineBusting the Drivethru

Do you want the fastest window time and serve the most customers fastest?
With integrated loyalty & gift cards, it’s one scan to pull up a customer, see their recent orders and rewards

One tap to re-order their favorites

Take CC payments

Touchpoint managed WiFi

Smart Kiosks with Integrated Loyalty

Increase peak throughput with our kisoks that remember guest’s recent orders acoss all channels.

Guests love reordering that is fast and effortless.

Table Side Ordering

Order naturally by course and seat. 86 items. Fire courses. Assign dietary restrictions by seat or inherit host’s preferences.

See recipe and make instructions to answer detailed questions from guests. Is that gluten free? Does that have soy?

With EMV pay at table and Live Order that lets guests call server, reorder items and pay by phone, this is table side, reimaged for customers.

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