Touchpoint's Live Bill is Pay at the Table, Innovated

Reorder, call server and and pay from your phone. No app needed. Only with Touchpoint Live Bill.

Waitlist and CRM

Know your customers before they’re seated. Rich profile information helps you see at a glance how you can deliver excellence.

Call Server

Guests receive a link to their Live Order when they’re seated. No account and no app needed.
Tap the call server button for extra assistance.

Reorder and pay without tablets

No account and no app needed.
Guests receive a link to their Live Order when they’re seated.
Reorder from their phone straight to the kitchen. Pay anytime they're ready.

The more you know, the more you love

See order history, favorites, and allergies. Edit dietary preferences and alert the kitchen crew.

Integrated Kitchen Operations

Accelerate your workflow, increase accuracy and throughput with the right data on the right screen.

Guest details like allergies and guest info are clear so service can be at the highest level with the least amount of work.

Keep your operation moving rapidly. Every tap is instrumented to measure performance of your FOH and BOH. With integrated DoorDash, keep everything moving rapidly.

Come out of the dark ages of printer based work flow and low resolution legacy KDS.

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